This process removes free iron and other contaminants from stainless steel parts to improve corrosion resistance and longevity.



Passivation is a chemical finishing process that removes free iron and other contaminants from the surface of stainless steel and other alloys, with the goal of enhancing their natural resistance to corrosion. Upon exposure to air, the chromium and nickel in the alloy forms a thin, protective oxide layer or film, giving the part increased corrosion resistance and longevity.

In addition to improving corrosion protection, passivation also provides a number of other benefits for metal parts. For example, the process can improve the appearance of stainless steel parts, providing a bright, clean finish that enhances their aesthetic appeal. And because passivation removes surface impurities and enhances the natural properties of the metal, it can also improve the performance of your parts in other ways, such as by reducing friction and wear and tear, as well as increasing their resistance to impact and other forms of damage.

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