Sub Source offers Aluminum Oxide, Garnet, Glass Bead, and Steel Shot or Wheel Machine grit blasting for metal parts.

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Grit blasting is a surface preparation process that uses abrasive particles, also known as grits, propelled at high velocity to clean, strip, or finish a surface. The abrasives Sub Source uses in grit blasting include Aluminum Oxide, Garnet, Glass Bead, and Steel Shot/Wheel Machine. Each type of abrasive has its own unique characteristics that make it suitable for specific applications.

Aluminum Oxide is a popular abrasive for metal parts as it is durable and effective at removing rust, corrosion, and surface coatings. It is also widely used for general-purpose blasting, and has a high resistance to breakage and wear.

Garnet is a naturally occurring abrasive that is known for its sharpness and versatility. It is often used for removing rust, paint, and other coatings from metal surfaces and is commonly used in paint removal and surface preparation applications.

Glass Bead is a mild abrasive that is often used for deburring and cleaning metal parts. The spherical shape of the glass bead allows for a uniform, gentle impact on the surface, making it ideal for delicate parts that require a fine finish.

Steel Shot and Steel Wheel Machine are used in more aggressive blasting applications, such as removing heavy corrosion or preparing surfaces for coatings. Steel shot is more durable than other abrasives and can be used repeatedly, while the steel wheel machine is a high-efficiency blasting tool that uses a spinning wheel to propel steel shot at the surface.

The benefits of grit blasting include increased surface cleanliness, improved adhesion of coatings, and the removal of surface contaminants that can compromise the performance of metal parts.

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