Automotive Industry Solutions

Manufacturing in the automotive industry requires thousands of carefully crafted pieces to work together in a precise fashion. A defect in these components could have a catastrophic impact on drivers and those around them. Sub Source, Inc. offers services such as nondestructive testing, powder coating, and metal finishing to identify defects and keep automotive components operating at the necessary level.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Nondestructive Testing for Automotive Industry

Nondestructive testing is an effective way to test automotive components. NDT methods such as liquid penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection can improve quality control by identifying defects such as surface cracks and leaks. Additionally, the non destructive nature of this testing ensures that parts remain usable.

Automotive Powder Coating

Powder coating is a common method used by automotive manufacturers to improve the durability of their vehicles. Compared to liquid paint, powder coating offers many durability and heat resistance advantages. Powder coating is commonly used on vehicle components such as engine parts, rims, and frames to improve durability against corrosion and rust.

powder coating
heavy-grain zinc

Automotive Metal Finishing Services

The automotive industry commonly turns to metal finishing to improve the durability of automotive parts. Metal finishing methods such as iron phosphating help protect car parts against corrosion caused by elements such as rain and snow. Another benefit of metal finishing is that it can enhance a vehicle’s appearance and increase its value.

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With the amount of components involved in automotive manufacturing, it is important to use an experienced company for critical and secondary processes. Sub Source, Inc. has over 50 years of experience working with nondestructive testing, metal finishing, and powder coating services for the automotive industry. Contact the NADCAP accredited and ISO Certified professionals at Sub Source Inc. today.

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