Construction Industry Solutions

The construction industry relies on heavy duty equipment to operate at peak efficiency. Sub Source, Inc. offers critical and secondary processes to the construction industry such as nondestructive testing, powder coating, and metal finishing to help identify flaws and strengthen equipment.

nondestructive testing

Construction Nondestructive Testing

Given the harsh conditions that construction equipment operates in, it is inevitable that machines may face some wear and tear. Nondestructive examination methods from Sub Source, Inc., including liquid penetrant inspection and magnetic particle testing, can identify these flaws in equipment and keep it operating at peak efficiency.

Powder Coating for Construction Industry

It is important for machinery in the construction industry to be reliable and durable. Powder coating is a dry finishing process that offers benefits such as increased durability and corrosion resistance. Additionally, powder coating is more environmentally friendly than traditional liquid painting and helps keep carbon footprints low.

powder coating
fine grain zinc

Construction Metal Finishing

To get the most out of construction equipment, it needs a defense against the aggressive conditions it operates in. Metal finishing services from Sub Source, Inc., such as fine-grain zinc and iron phosphate, improve corrosion resistance and equipment durability to extend the lifespan of the equipment.

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