This metal finishing process is used to enhance the durability and performance of metal parts for a range of industrial and military applications.



Manganese Phosphate is a type of metal finishing process used to enhance the durability and performance of metal parts. It involves the application of a manganese phosphate coating to the metal surface, which provides it with a high level of corrosion protection and improves its overall resistance to wear and tear. The heavy grain of the manganese has excellent oil retention that acts as a lube on moving parts during the initial break-in period. It can also be used as a base for military CARC painting.

Common applications for manganese phosphate include machinery, automotive parts, and firearms. The process of applying manganese phosphate involves the use of a chemical bath that contains manganese and phosphate ions. The metal part is immersed in the bath, and a chemical reaction takes place, resulting in the deposition of a thin layer of manganese phosphate on the surface of the metal. The manganese coating acts as a barrier, protecting the underlying metal from moisture and other corrosive elements. This helps to extend the service life of the treated parts.

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