This conversion coating that reacts with the surface creating a black color that provides improved cosmetics compared to the look of the original steel.

black oxide


Black oxide is a metal finishing process that involves the application of a black-colored conversion coating to the surface of steel parts. The process involves immersing the steel part in a solution of black oxide chemicals, which react with the surface of the steel to create a black-colored finish. This black finish provides an improved cosmetic appearance compared to the original steel.

In addition to the black oxide treatment, a post treatment of oil can be applied to the black oxide finish, which further increases the corrosion protection and creates a deeper, more uniform color. The oil also helps to minimize abrasion during the break-in of mating parts, making it an ideal solution for a range of industrial and military applications, including machinery, firearms, and automotive parts where high performance and durability are essential. Plus, unlike other metal finishes, black oxide does not flake or peel and is resistant to impact, wear, and tear, and exposure to moisture and other corrosive elements.

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